Did Southwest Cancel My International Flight Without Telling Me?

Southwest Airlines' efforts to create a worldwide footprint have not been without their obstacles. Some of these challenges, as I mentioned

in a previous piece, resulted in a cancelled itinerary during a ticket audit. Southwest Airlines plans to continue to develop its international

presence.  In spite of these problems, I was able to fly Southwest Airlines to take a vacation to Mexico City

I am going to take Annalisa to Aruba on a Southwest trip that is scheduled to take place soon.  You can't go wrong in Aruba, which is a

beach destination that she adores.  I am not very interested in the dry, sunny weather, the sandy beaches, or the calm surf. These are not the

things that get my attention.  I can't wait until I get the opportunity to witness the divi divi trees slope as a result of the consistent trade winds

that blow through the region!  As a result of the trade winds that blow over the island from the northeast, the divi divi trees serve as Aruba's natural compass

When Southwest Airlines announced its schedule for the fall of 2015 earlier this year, I jumped at the chance to book flights for Annalisa and myself.

Now, I was worried about it!  Have our preparations for a trip been derailed?  I had made a reservation for a hotel stay that was non-

refundable!  What is going on with my Southwest account? The flight schedule is still displayed!  For the purpose of determining whether or not the flight

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