Southwest Bags Emotional Support Animals

Whether it be for emotional support, service animals, or any other reason, Southwest Airlines has been

among the most accommodating airlines when it comes to the inclusion of animals on airplanes.

The flight that I took from Portland International Airport (PDX) to Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) many years ago is one that I will

never forget. During the entirety of the event, I was convinced that I heard a peculiar squeaking sound emanating from directly underneath

me. I assumed that it was due to some components of the flap or anything that was in the cargo hold.

Upon disembarking from the plane, I turned around to see a woman sitting behind me holding a monkey in her arms.

It would appear that Southwest's love and affection for furry friends has been diminished as a result of the uproar that has been made by

passengers sneaking their housepets onboard as assistance animals. On September 17, the Dallas discount airline will join the ranks of the

rank and file by imposing harsh restrictions on the admission of animals that provide emotional support services onboard flights.

As an emotional support animal, passengers will only be permitted to bring one dog or cat on board with them. You are required to have the dog

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