Southwest’s CEO Says Air Travel Should Take Off Soon

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly thinks flying is safe again. Southwest is one of the biggest US airlines. Also one of the most LUV-ed!

Southwest may be the first airline Americans want back on track. When Southwest's CEO speaks, people listen. Does his speech make sense?

Kelly told CBS on May 3 that air travel could resume with social distancing and plane cleaning precautions. Kelly said flying is safe again.

Coronavirus with air travel: the worst is over? Kelly predicted the end of the coronavirus outbreak and aviation travel.

As everyone knows, the pandemic has halted air travel. Reduced flights, airport closures, and layoffs followed. The industry is big.

New coronavirus cases are decreasing. Businesses are opening across. This inspires optimism. Thus, the aviation industry is cautiously enthusiastic about getting off soon.

A “layered” seating arrangement and face masks for crew and passengers make jet travel “as safe as any

environment you're going to find,” according to Kelly. Think carefully about Southwest Airlines and coronavirus policy.

Southwest received $3.2 billion from the government's emergency aid program to operate during the epidemic, and it raised $6 billion the last week in April.

Kelly projected more air travel in July and August. “Each week after the first of April has become successfully better,” "

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